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This gallery represents around the last ten years of my work - both sketching and more detailed paintings. My work uses oil, watercolour and acrylic media as well as ink, charcoal and pastel on occasions. More recently I have been experimenting with drawing on an iPad. I tend to work loosely to seek to obtain a more impressionistic structure and atmosphere to my paintings. The use of thick washes of watercolour and layering of varied tones of acrylics offers a particular unpredictability and vibrancy to my work whether landscape, life drawing or portraiture. I do not use solvents in my oil work and I tend to use only a restricted palette eg the Zorn colour palette. This can often result in a very different mood of stillness and create a more subtle tonal aspect to both my landscapes and portraiture. I feel influenced by the work of the Scottish colourists such as Samuel Peploe and John Fergusson. and also more contemporary landscape painters such as Peter Hicks, Peter Wileman, Steve Slimm, Hester Berry and Heather Davies.

I live and work in the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds - a perfect place for exploring and experiencing the natural landscape.

If you would like to discuss any particular piece then please contact me through Facebook, Instagram (see links below) or send me an email on the contact page above.